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Preparing For The Future

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Preparing well for your financial future, comfortable retirement, and a proud legacy requires steady attention. Luckily, you can begin at any time. Consider the following key activities, while you continue to enjoy life and find ways to support and care for others:

In your 40s:
  • Build meaningful relationships and a financial cushion for your future
  • Keep learning and developing
  • Prepare your powers-of-attorney, naming someone to make medical and financial decisions for you, should the need arise
  • Prepare your will or trust and consider including a gift to Samuel Merritt University to support students and the future of your profession
In your 50s:
  • Create a long-term financial plan and budget
  • Take time for your hobbies and passions
  • Leave a legacy: Mentor others. Also, consider donating appreciated stock to support Samuel Merritt University students and save on taxes and capital gains.
In your 60s:
  • Enjoy life and recognize what you have learned and achieved
  • Organize your important documents (financial, legal, and medical)
  • Begin reducing your belongings
  • Consider life insurance and long-term care insurance
  • Leave a legacy: Consider adding Samuel Merritt University as a beneficiary of your financial and insurance accounts if your heirs are financially stable
In your 70s:
  • Update your medical, financial, and legal plans and powers of attorney and keep the important documents together in a binder
  • Begin to create and involve a circle of support
  • Volunteer at an organization doing meaningful work
  • Leave a legacy: Consider an IRA Charitable Rollover Gift - If you are 70.5 or older, you can make a gift to Samuel Merritt University from your IRA and save on taxes
In your 80s and beyond:
  • Learn something new
  • Nurture your social connections
  • Review your financial, medical, and legal documents each year
  • Make sure your dwelling is easy to maintain
  • Leave a legacy: Consider a charitable gift annuity or charitable remainder trust to save on taxes and receive income while supporting students or any of the legacy gift tools mentioned above

We can assist with your legacy planning!
If you are preparing to make or update your will, our free Estate Planning Guide can help. You can request it here .

If giving back, supporting students, and ensuring the future of your field is important to you, we can help you explore gift options that require no payments now. Inquiries are treated with confidentiality. Click here to request information.

Note, references for this checklist include the book Facing Your Sunset by Marie Griffith, The Ultimate checklist for every decade of your life by Elie Khouri (a LinkedIn post), and Samuel Merritt University's legacy giving website.